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Materials and Related

  • Evaluated the potential for a new activated charcoal technology for use in water treatment associated with segments of municipal water/wastewater, and process water used in beverage, food processing, chemical processing and other industrial uses. The program addressed these segments across several geographies—North America, Europe, and South America.
  • For a producer of highly-specialized, nanotechnology-based materials, conducted an assessment of the potential for friction-reducing seals and bearing materials in critical material processing applications.
  • Specifically looked at the influence of nano-materials in Electronic Components markets-capacitors, thermistors, varistors, and IC inks with respect to the usage and trends towards nano Cu, Ni, MgO, Co as well as alloys.
  • A more general look at nano-material trends in catalysis, sunscreen and cosmetics, paint, and other industrial applications.
  • Examined the market for a “next generation” activated carbon producer. This was a significant program as it assessed market potential, pricing, channels and competition in markets such as water treatment, food and beverage, industrial process in the geographies of North and South America and Western Europe.
  • For a converter and marketer of photo paper products, evaluated the projected growth of digital photography, the subsequent demand for paper products, and how channels would select paper suppliers to meet consumer expectations.
  • Examined the sewage treatment market for growth and replacement market opportunities in plastic chain product used in secondary/tertiary wastewater processing.
  • Evaluated the market for engineered plywood products in non-construction applications such as furniture, store fixtures, vehicles, etc. The intent was to find new business in high value niche segments.
  • For an international distributor of fluid sealing products, including seals, valves, fittings, instrumentation, hoses, and related products; this program looked at demand on a state by state basis examining manufacturing demand and the availability and capability of local reps and distributors. As a result, a plan for short and long term expansion was developed.
  • For a participant in the nuclear supply marketplace, determined if market opportunities exist for non-nuclear market opportunities based upon the company’s unique capabilities in terms of machining, metallurgy and metal treating, plus unique support labs.
  • Aerated concrete is made from the utility byproduct flyash and is a molded, lightweight material that can offer distinct advantages over traditional concrete blocks. An electric utility sought to explore the regional potential to construct a regional plant to serve the market, commercial and residential projects.
  • Conducted a study program concerning surface mining opera¬tions in the U.S., particularly iron ore for a manufacturer of large haulage vehicles. This study also evaluated the short- and long-term outlook for the U.S. basic steel industry.
  • Conducted a study program analyzing the market for high nickel alloys within the U.S. This study evaluated specific high technology niches and evolving applications.
  • Completed a multiclient study of the U.S. Foundry Industry. This group sponsored study defined major and minor end-use market segments; characterized casting requirements; fore¬casted growth by segment, overall; and evaluated technologi¬cal shifts within foundry casting practices.
  • Analyzed the market for ductile iron castings within specific end-use markets as a diversification planning effort for a major U.S. foundry.
  • Conducted a number of studies examining the changes/shifts in foundry core and moldmaking technologies for a supplier of resins and binders.
  • Directed a tactical planning study for a sand supplier to the foundry industry. The study focused on analyzing the geographic served market for foundry sand, identifying growth opportunities and establishing target accounts to either increase business or shift suppliers.
  • Conducted a study of the U.S. Foundry industry examining the feasibility of establishing regional reclamation centers for a major equipment supplier to the industry.

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Packaging and Packaging Material Related

  • Evaluated an acquisition candidate based upon market and technology position. The candidate is a company that participates in packaging materials, specifically time/temperature indicators. These are used in critical pharmacological products, particularly medicines for use in 3rd world countries where efficacy may be subject to less than ideal transportation and storage conditions.
  • Conducted a study of the current and likely future markets for OPP film in the packaging industry which included an analysis of all end use markets where OPP was currently used, or has potential.
  • An evaluation of the high barrier films market was conducted for a foreign company considering entering the U. S. market. Market segments included poultry, fresh meat, processed meat and cheese. Analyzed the current product and competi¬tive environment and projected market changes over five-year period.
  • Conducted a study of the current and likely future market for coextruded film and sheet. Involved analyzing all current and potential markets for coextrusions.
  • Several studies evaluating the potential of various materials to replace foil laminates included Saran, metalized film and metalized paper.
  • An evaluation of the current and likely future use of aseptic packages in the U. S. covered all forms of aseptic packaging including laminated cartons, bag-in-box and plastic con¬tainers.
  • Conducted a study of the changes and trends occurring in horizontal form/fill/seal equipment which outlined the requirements by major food pouch markets and identified unmet needs of users.
  • Two studies of the medical disposable packaging market evaluated all segments and focused on changes and trends and unmet needs in the coextruded flexible blister area.
  • Developed an overview of the entire flexible packaging business for use in developing global markets.
  • Conducted a study to determine the potential of Saran coated HIPS as a replacement for selected HIPS, metal, glass and composite packages.
  • New product concept studies in the packaging industry have included such subjects as:
    • A new process for producing unoriented polypropylene. A new revolutionary film for browning food products in microwave ovens.
    • An emerging forming technology for producing plastic containers.
    • Evaluated the potential for a modified nylon resin and film for packaging.

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