White Papers

Below are some white papers we've developed:

Top-Line Revenue Growth Maximizing core business opportunities

While many executives tend to look to adjacent technologies or new products for growth, the first place to look is in your existing marketplace. Why? One of the key factors is the revenue to profit ratio. Generally, every one percent gain in revenue generates approximately three to four percent growth in profit. Organic growth can be achieved through shifting market share, taking existing products into new markets or channels, developing service businesses and or exploiting your manufacturing expertise.
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The Client's Guide to Working with a Consultant From the eyes of a consultant

Consultants represent a resource to prospective clients, bringing various talents to bear to solve a client's perceived needs—it may be a question of manpower, timing, objectivity, but mostly, it's about expertise (functional skill) and/or experience (industry knowledge). Ultimately, a large dose of trust forms the basis of an initial engagement and a positive result.
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Competitive Analysis and Forecasting Understanding the challenges

Can anyone ever have enough competitive intelligence? Understanding the strengths, limitations and capabilities of competition is required in any meaningful business planning effort. Marketplan has developed several key information techniques to access competitive management and other information sources. Click here to view the PDF

Marketing Review What is marketing's contribution?

Results, performance, gains/losses, growth – much of business just lends itself to all manner of metrics and analysis. Those financials guys just have it easy with their formulaic approach to the world. Even more so in comparison to us strategy and planning types and our ethereal "marketing" and its burdensome conceptual reality. Click here to view the PDF