What we do

Marketplan addresses client needs such as:

Product Development Connecting technology, opportunity, execution

Product marketing and management is a challenge in even the best-run companies. The need to assess new and emerging technologies, life-cycle implications, channel factors, and overall risk is a continuing effort.

Channel Selection Matching buying behavior to the right sales channel

Understanding customer buying behavior and channel preferences along a product's life cycle is critical to successful business development and achieving continuing revenue growth. Defining the roles of channels, pricing, compensation, and managing conflict is an ongoing process that requires continuing analysis and intervention.

Market-Based Acquisition Beyond the numbers

In many cases financial hurdles tend to overpower acquisition decisions; while "deal" numbers are always important, the questions of strategic fit, market advantages, and future partner actions need careful evaluation. Marketplan has assisted clients in candidate selection and candidate validation efforts, with emphasis on market-driven confirmation of future value.

Technology Assessment Judging the impact

The introduction of new and revolutionary technology can dramatically change a marketplace and the dynamics of buyers, suppliers, service providers, and others. A clear perspective must be developed from industry "thought leaders" to form conclusions regarding adoption curves and how a new technology will mean an opportunity for some and a threat for others.

Targeted Sales Growth Who, where, and how

In some market situations, the demand side of the market is highly concentrated among limited key customers. Success is the ability to understand these targets and develop appropriate tactics to penetrate and maintain position in these customers. Our key account development programs can assist sales leaders and provide a competitive advantage.

Customer Feedback and Analysis Defining, managing customer satisfaction

Close to the customer, loyalty, brand management have become recent management watchwords. Continuing and consistent customer research is a valuable planning tool. Quantitative surveys and focus groups are effective methods in this case.