Marketplan Consultants is a marketing consulting firm that helps companies develop and capitalize on market opportunities. Our value is individualized, objective, and actionable results that help you focus on the success factors.

What's New

Marketplan Introduces ... BASIC!

"Thank you for an excellent report. I was impressed and pleased on several levels:

  1. The report was thorough and concise and gives us a basis for making a solid decision.
  2. You showed us specific reasons why not to move ahead at this time but also gave us the obstacles we would have to overcome if we wanted to move forward for our own reasons.
  3. The quality of the report was enhanced by your obvious intuitive feel of the market. You could interpret responses and dig below the initial surface answers.
  4. Your personal relationships with the industry gave you access to the right people.
  5. Your presentation style is engaging and you foster a sense of trust and credibility.

Thanks again and we look forward to future projects."

Perspective & Approach

Our Perspective
In today's business environment, management is continually faced with strategic decisions necessary to drive top-line revenue growth. Our experience suggests the right, and less risky, strategic decisions are generally based on better information and analysis.

Our Approach
Client objectives design the program! The goals of engagements vary widely but share a common need to assemble hard to find, hard to get information about, some or all of the following... customers, prospects, channels, technologies, and competitors. Thus, assignments are very field-intense, as the ultimate answers as well as future results, reside in the marketplace.


Collectively, we are knowledgeable over a spectrum of technologies, industries and business structures; from "no-tech" to "high-tech". Marketplan Consultants serves the following key industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical and Power Generation
  • Electronic
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Information Technology
  • Materials

The principal group has over 125 years of business experience and has conducted engagements for companies ranging from startups to the Global 200.

Presentation at 2007 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas, Jan 23rd:

"Consolidation: A View from a Parallel Universe" — Review of the rise and fall of the consolidation effort in the HVAC industry and lessons for other markets.

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