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Business And Strategy Insight Conference = BASIC


This is a one-day, executive-level, onsite seminar aimed at small to medium-sized companies or business unit entities of larger organizations.

The purpose is to conduct a rigorous strategic review of the business and provide management with a go-forward set of action steps to improve their choices and subsequent results. Topics are likely to include:

  • The Market Assumption Conundrum – Past Baggage, Fact or Fiction
  • Technology – Who Controls
  • Market Power – Customers, Channels, or Competitors
  • Customer Relation/Retention Factors
  • Defined Issues and Perceived Problems
  • Goal Development and Tactics

Joe Klenotich, President of Marketplan, with over 30 years of strategic market planning experience, conducts this service.

Cost: $1,995 plus travel expenses. For more information, contact us.